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Welcome to JN Custom

Now you can make July Nine your own. Whether it’s one bag for your bestie, or a group of bags for your family reunion, we can add custom messaging to any leather handle and create the most unique bag there is. Scroll below to learn the simple steps, and you can get your custom bag in a few short clicks. If you’re looking to add a logo or your branding to a bag, reach out!


Step 1

Select the bag you want. Customizing is only available with bags that have leather handles. This includes our regular and large Sushi Sacks, Crossing Bag and large Two Tones. Once you’ve decided on a style, click on the product to pick your size and color options.

Step 2

Make your message. Your style, size and color have been selected. Now click customize + add to cart. A box will appear asking you to enter your custom message. Here is where you can enter what you’d like to say on your bag handle. You can use up to 20 characters (including spaces) with our branded font. From there your bag will be added to your cart.

Step 3

Double check your cart. Your customized bag will appear in your cart. Click edit details to see your custom message. You can review your message, add more quantity and check out from you cart. If you would like to make a new custom bag in a different style or with a new message, come back to this page and make more. Please double check all your custom messages for accuracy of spelling and content. We will print exactly what is submitted and since custom bags are not returnable, we want you to love it!


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