Customized | Sushi Sack

Customized | Sushi Sack

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 Customize this Sushi Sack to make it truly unique to you.

The Sushi Sack is a modern take on the go-anywhere bag.  Its light-weight nature makes it easy and comfortable to carry, with a leather handle and nylon body. The Sushi Sack is part of our Roll Up Collection, a unique design that allows it to roll up into its own handle. Choose from regular size (18”) or large (24”) with a cross body handle.

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  • Custom Branded Leather Handle

  • Two Available Sizes: Regular (18”) and Large (24”)

  • Nylon Body

  • Unique Roll Up Design

  • Made in America

Please note, custom bags are not returnable, please check your spelling and message content in your cart before purchasing to assure you will love it.

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